Consultancy in Organizational Strategy and Management

We support the transformation of our clients and their organizational capability building, to generate tangible results. We design and implement projects to define or improve business strategy, corporate governance, and commercial excellence, and shape the organizational architecture and culture.

The differentiating advantage of Xtrategy is that we not only work with our clients to help define a winning solution to strengthen their organizational capacity, but we also closely monitor their implementation and help them come true. Interventions we typically undertake are about:

Today’s world requires fast thinking and relentless execution. Our Business Strategy Methodologies work in the real world to deliver better and faster results. Be it Design Thinking, Classic Strategic Planning, Soft Systems Methodology, OKR (Objectives and Key Results), or any other model we use for strategy definition and planning, in Xtrategy we help you define your purpose, create true value for your stakeholders and develop your strategic mindset and capabilities. 

At corporate level, business level, or functional level, we provide the tools and coaching for your organization to ensure that your strategy is fit for purpose for your company to deliver its value offer. 

Businesses face innumerable challenges every day. So the house must be in order when undertaking and overcoming those challenges. 

Conflicts of interest, lack of clarity on accountabilities and rights, conflicts among stakeholders, lack of succession plans and governance entities’ weak performance, end up compromising the business reputation, results and growth, and – eventually, business sustainability. 

Our clients include family businesses, business associations, medium-sized companies, and large corporations.

(No legal advice on Corporate Governance is provided in the USA.) 

Business leaders commonly see the need to shift their strategy as markets and environment demand changes. But only a few make the required changes to their operating model, architecture and culture to leverage strategy execution.

Business architecture and organizational culture are direct consequences of the business strategy. Processes, structures, positions, information and technology, as well as ways of working, practices, symbols, communication, decision making processes, leadership and talent, must be fully aligned and synchronized to company’s purpose and direction. We help you do that.

Excellence is not the product of chance, but of habits, practices, and operational discipline. We guide our clients in building those routines, within the strategy, the value proposition, the route-to-market and the commercial organization. We identify and redesign key success enablers, including the performance management system, the compensation system, sales team training, and tools.

Their high level of communication and their work culture allow them to cooperate as a specialized community that produces honey and enrich the world.